Soundproofing in Townhouses

Commercial and Retail Space Soundproofing

Reverberation noise trumps sound penetration issues for the majority of our commercial clients.

Conference Room - reverberation treatedIn most cases, the remedy for sound leakage or noise penetration is the installation of acoustical treatments and sound dampening features to ceilings, walls and occasionally, to the floors. Fully licensed and insured, SILENTIUM boasts the skill, educated expertise and professional partnerships to insure that these sound proofing efforts and solutions are engineered and installed meticulously and honestly.

Our business partnership with PINTA ACOUSTICS, INC. affords us rapid access to premier quality, sound dampening and noise isolation materials and equipment. SILENTIUM tracks and provides solutions for nearly every noise leakage problem.

Fully licensed and completely insured for both residential and commercial work, SILENTIUM is qualified and able to tackle any sound proofing job; no matter the spatial dimension. (Examples: Theaters, factories, trading floors and gymnasiums.)

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